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Wastewater from Gas Generator and Its Treatment
TIME:2017-4-25 16:40:26 | VIEW:
Gas-fired furnace waste water refers to the coal as raw material to produce gas from the factory waste water. Mainly coke oven gas wastewater, from coal washing tank, ammonia distiller, naphthalene scrubber and cooling system. At present the factory has no coal washing process, generally only include ammonia distillers and naphthalene scrubber wastewater. Ammonia distillers were recently used as ammonium sulfate to recover phenol after extraction with benzene solvent. Naphthalene scrubber is mainly naphthalene, water by the sedimentation tank from the waste water to recover naphthalene. Cooling waste water and other oil-containing, tar-containing and suspended solids are treated with separators and sedimentation tanks. Coke oven gas wastewater was light brown, opaque, with phenol and naphthalene odor and contains phenol, cyanide, sulfide, ammonia, pyridine and so on. Generally pretreatment after extraction of phenol extraction, extraction and then activated sludge biochemical treatment, to harmless.
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