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Trinity Technology for Waste Heat Recovery of Gas Furnace Gas System
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 Trinity Technology for Waste Heat Recovery of Gas Furnace Gas System

In recent years, with the upgrading of raw material routes, production capacity continues to expand, China's coal chemical industry, fertilizer, methanol industry layout and market trends have undergone significant changes. In particular, the state "on the reduction of coal-fired power generation price and industrial electricity prices notice" issued after the cancellation of years of outstanding preferential policies, the situation is forcing China's fertilizer industry must drive innovation and development. China's fertilizer industry has reached a critical period of transformation and development, only through the transformation and upgrading to promote the industry to resolve the excess capacity, adjust the industrial structure, in particular, to enhance energy conservation and environmental protection level, reduce consumption, improve core competitiveness, make full use of energy-saving new technologies to speed up the implementation of energy Systematic, waste heat recovery and other energy-saving technological transformation work, tapping the potential efficiency, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. As the coal chemical industry leading gas production process, tapping the potential, innovation is responsible for the task.
Analysis of China's coal chemical industry status, gas production process and equipment selection, there are many used for several decades of mature fixed-bed gas design program, its energy saving and long way to go.
2 status analysis
1) First, the analysis of the gas furnace type is mostly moving bed UGI furnace type of furnace (operating form of oxygen-rich, oxygen and intermittent gas, etc.), in order to prevent hangers, scarring, gas furnace furnace cooling System cooling form, the vast majority has also been used in circular water tank type water jacket, this water jacket in the use of the following deficiencies: First, poor pressure resistance, the pressure of saturated steam produced (≤ 0.2MPa ) And the temperature is low, it is difficult to overheat, so that gas into the furnace steam decomposition rate is low, high steam consumption; Second, the heat loss is serious, due to the water jacket of the cold wall effect consumed a large number of effective gas heat furnace. Semi-water gas in the decomposition of the steam will take away a lot of heat in the furnace, directly reducing the gas-making furnace gas strength. And because the pressure is too low, is not conducive to the extension of cogeneration and thermal energy utilization, comprehensive consideration is a waste of energy; Third, short life, jacket bottom of the sink due to long-term work in the dew point temperature below, serious corrosion, low temperature dew point corrosion increased wear , So that the gas furnace water jacket life shortened.
2) Second, the gas system semi-water gas, water gas heat recovery (waste heat boiler) and more use of fire pipe, water pipes and heat pipes and other forms of heat exchanger. Due to the limitations of the design, there are some problems such as the heat transfer form of the fire tube, the elimination of the thermal stress of the tube sheet and the long-term safety of the operation. The heat transfer efficiency of the water pipe is low, Low, and dew point fouling, corrosion, resulting in ash block, there is a heat exchanger failure and other issues.
3) Third, due to the gas furnace water jacket, waste pan design operating pressure is low, with supporting the use of larger steam drum shape, management difficulties.
4) the urgency of the Trinity technology. Gas furnace water jacket, waste pot actual design, operating pressure is less than 0.1MPa, so that the furnace steam temperature is low, the effective heat loss more directly affect the gas strength. And is not fully reasonable, the extension of the use of these heat, such as low-voltage power generation and superheated steam drive turbine drive equipment and other comprehensive utilization. Thus highlighting the gas furnace water jacket, waste heat boiler, steam drum pressure trinity operation of the urgency and necessity.
3 Trinity technology was born
Our company after years of research and development and exploration, in the traditional fixed-bed gas system successfully developed a number of gas-making system for energy-saving emission reduction of its own technology, such as pressure water jacket, casing waste heat boiler and with Supporting the steam drum, so that the gas furnace water jacket and waste heat boiler, steam drum pressure, isobaric design, operation of the Trinity can be achieved.
4 gas stove water jacket
4.1 cold tube pressure water jacket
In order to overcome the shortcomings and shortcomings of the sink water jacket, our company developed and developed a cold-type pressure water jacket, the structure will be removed from the original tube, in the inner tube outside the ring arranged a circle of cold To replace the original sink jacket, it has the following advantages:
1) Since the cold tube structure reduces the pressure unit, the higher the pressure, the steam pressure produced by 0.20 ~ 2.5MPa, the steam temperature can be about 225 ℃. After the furnace gasification steam temperature increases, to improve the steam decomposition rate has great benefits.
2) As the work pressure increased, so that the inner wall of the jacket working temperature is bound to improve, to solve the cold wall effect has obvious benefits. Along with the bottom of the jacket dew point corrosion has also been a great decline, will certainly extend the life of the jacket.
3) The technology also has a feature, is used in the inner tube outside the ring arranged a circle cold tube, if the operation occurs in the jacket overpressure and other accidental failure, only a pipe loss, the inner tube will not be destroyed , Will not affect the normal operation.
4) After the use of this technology, due to increased working pressure, so that the jacket within the water temperature, reducing the furnace carbon layer and the jacket wall heat transfer temperature difference can reduce the furnace heat loss, thereby improving the gasification strength The
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