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Gasification requirements for two - stage gas - fired furnaces
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Gas furnace as a coal from solid-state energy into gaseous, clean energy, the main equipment, the choice of gasification coal is essential, directly related to its overall gasification effect. Two-stage gas furnace suitable for gasification of non-stick coal, weak coal, long bituminous coal and other bituminous coal can also gasify the quality of better lignite, compared to a furnace in terms of two kinds of furnace selection of a wide range of coal, but the gas The specific indicators of coal use more stringent requirements. Coal particle size, any type of fixed bed gasification device, are required into the furnace coal particle size uniformity to meet the furnace fluid mechanics and heat transfer mass transfer needs. The reason why the two-stage gas furnace is strict to the particle size of the coal because the total height of the layer in the dry distillation section and the gasification section is about 6-8 meters. If the coal particle size is large, the bed The gap between the furnace, increase the furnace resistance, resulting in decreased gasification strength, gas production decreased, ash content will increase; on the other hand can not guarantee the coal to be uniform, full dry distillation, affecting the two-stage gas Furnace gasification effect. In the two-stage gas furnace operation and operation process, the user often only focus on the furnace structure is perfect, the equipment is running normally, but the gasification of the coal particle size is not enough attention, it is this will directly affect the two-stage Gasification effect of gas station. Some gas stations into the furnace coal particle size even greater than 100mm, resulting in its poor operating results. It is shown that the gasification efficiency of the two furnaces will drop by 25% when the particle size is less than 20% in the furnace.
Analysis of the successful experience at home and abroad, combined with China's actual situation, two-stage gas furnace into the furnace coal particle size requirements are best controlled in the following range:
Grain range: 15 ~ 30mm; 20 ~ 40mm; 25 ~ 50mm; 30 ~ 60mm
Particle size composition:
> 60mm should be <5%
60 to 40 mm is 10%
40 to 20 mm is 70%
20 to 15 mm is 10%
<15mm should be <5%
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