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How does the gas furnace increase the load?
TIME:2017-5-8 11:13:52 | VIEW:
Any operation of the gas furnace should be in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure gasification efficiency and quality. Germany gas stove today and you share the gas furnace how to increase the load.
First of all: to increase the gas furnace gasifier before the load, to increase the carbon layer, to prevent the load caused by blowing over.
Second: the gas furnace load to follow the incremental principle.
Increase the amount of hair or increase the percentage of hair, each increase the wind string does not exceed 2 cm water column, if added to the maximum, then increase the percentage of hair to increase the way, each should not exceed 2%, coal burning percentage is generally not more than 28.5 %, Organic fertilizer equipment charred generally not more than 25.5%.
Then, increase the gas furnace load process, if the furnace temperature rise, to increase the corresponding amount of steam to maintain the furnace temperature is basically the same, to prevent the steam volume caused by excessive furnace temperature drop, but affect the gas supply.
Remember that when the gasifier increases the load, the carbon layer, air volume and steam volume increase, to prevent too much, so as not to fluctuate the furnace temperature.
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