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What are the issues to be aware of when handling the gas burner?
TIME:2017-5-8 11:15:40 | VIEW:
Electric trapping is one of the main equipment of the two-stage gas furnace, and its function is to remove the tar after the washing and cooling, and then send the dust to the next process. We need to pay attention to the following questions:
1, before the gas must be used to purge the steam, insulator boxes have to steam preheating;
2, through the low temperature replacement of gas, to go through about 10 minutes to disperse;
3, when the output is stable, the sampling analysis of oxygen content, the oxygen content of less than 0.5% to power;
4, power supply, the current voltage gradually from low to high, more than 30KV, each time to stay for 5 minutes, until the addition of more than 40KV, the current at 100mA or so, the current voltage recorded once per hour;
5, into the tarifier gas temperature should be 110 ℃ -120 ℃ or so, while the insulator box is always around 100 ℃, insulator at about 50 ℃ can;
6, the bottom of the tank tank are accompanied by heat and insulation, to ensure that dust, tar flow is good, and observe the size of each flush overflow.
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