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Introduction of Main Indicators of Gas Production Furnace
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Gas furnace manufacturers: gas production furnace main production process indicators
Gray layer height: the current through the plug drill fire, according to the brazing temperature, the color can understand the height of the gray layer, the gray layer is too high on the furnace production and equipment itself is not good.
Hollow height: measured by brazing.
Air flow: refers to the furnace air flow, can reflect the gas production.
Furnace pressure: gas to safe operation, the furnace pressure must be stable in the positive pressure.
Bottom pressure: refers to the gasifier into the material before the pressure, determined by the layer resistance. Material layer resistance, the bottom of the pressure on the high. Usually, the air flow changes, the bottom of the pressure, furnace pressure also changes.
Response time: can be considered the same layer as a fire layer to burn the time.
Gas composition and quality: The composition and quality of the gas affect the heat value of the gas, thus affecting the normal production of the user, the oxygen content exceeds the standard
The gas station and the user will be a threat. Therefore, in the gas production, the operator to keep abreast of the quality of gas is very necessary. At present, mainly by the full-time laboratory technician using Austrian gas analyzer on a regular basis, and then the results back to the furnace workers, the furnace workers according to the results to adjust the furnace conditions.
Saturated temperature: that is, the temperature of the gasifier, which reflects the amount of steam contained in the gasifier, by adjusting the furnace to add steam valve or into the soft water can adjust the saturation temperature.
Reaction temperature: Since the chemical reaction of the generated gas is an endothermic reaction, the furnace reaction temperature is a very important parameter. It is not possible to measure this parameter accurately at present, but it does not directly control the parameter in production. Instead, the temperature of the reaction layer is judged according to the color of the brazing material by manual insertion and firing, and then the reaction temperature is indirectly controlled by adjusting the saturation temperature.
Furnace temperature: that is, the export gas temperature.
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