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The maintenance of gas producer
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Shandong wanfeng reminds you of the things you need to pay attention to when you are working in the gas furnace. I hope you can help us. The theory and practice prove that the quality of the furnace's service life and the efficiency of production are directly determined by the occurrence of gas.


Producer gas generator in our production, be sure to check the gas pipe often unobstructed, and eliminate residual oil plug or gas leakage, the phenomena of do prevention; When the gas is fired, the ignition should be placed in the back of the furnace and then the gas will be sent to prevent the accidental igniting of the gas. When the gas burner is lit, slowly open the secondary air valve, and then slowly increase the wind. If a fire is not successful, the exhaust gas should be completely emptied and the gas will be reignited again. Then burn the burner to ignite the ignition.


In daily maintenance, the gas generator must be kept clean and clean, and the slag should be dumped into the designated place. Producer gas generator maintenance work is a detailed and tedious work, the traditional fuel destined to gradually faded, so the gas generator has been widely used in the future development of the world.

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