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The reason of the slag and the solution of the two section gas
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The worst thing about a two-segment gas is the slag. Today, shandong wanfeng will explain the reason of the slag and how to solve the problem. Inorganic substance in coal, such as iron oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, silicon oxide is solid matter, when at a certain temperature, it will melt, formed after melting slag, occurring in the course of the clinker grate is not simply the above inorganic, burning charcoal grain also is blended in among them, so the clinker is, in fact, the above mixture of inorganic substances and carbon.


Gas producer in the process of gasification, the oxide layer is the highest part of the furnace temperature, thickness of about 200 mm, the temperature about 1100-1200 degrees or so, when choosing coal for gasification and ash melting point should be greater than 1250 degrees, which is in the normal material layer temperature 1100-1200 degrees, its ash also won't melt, also won't slagging.


The reason of the slag of two section gas


The melting point of coal is below 1250 degrees, and even at 1100 and 1200 degrees, the melting point of the ash is lower than the temperature of the material, which can cause the slag.


The gas generator is too high in gasification, the oxidation reaction is severe, more than normal gasification intensity, which causes the temperature rise of the fire layer and causes the slag.


(3) when the temperature of the saturated with too small, or because the steam supply disruptions, the heat generated by the gasification reaction too late for the decomposition reaction is endothermic steam, heat accumulation caused by fire layer cause slagging temperature rise;


The layers of the material are elastic, the air is uneven, the local ventilation is too large, and the temperature of the fire layer in the local area increases.


The grain size of the raw materials is not equal to the grain size, and it is also easy to cause slag.


The heat preparation time is too long, the ash is heated in the hot zone for too long, and it is also easy to become molten slag.


The method of treating slag in two section gas


The scope and depth of the known slag;


Increase the saturation temperature, reduce the temperature of the fire layer and avoid the expansion of the slag.


Reduce load;


(4) DaQian;


The long-term universality of the slag, the coal with the melting point of the melting point.

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