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The composition of two sections of gas generator
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Two sections of gas producer from top to bottom by carbonization and gasification of coal from the first top coal by two groups of bottom valve coal into the furnace, coal dry distillation section thoroughly in the dry and long time of carbonization, gradually formed carbocoal, into the gasification section, hot carbocoal in gasification furnace bottom blowing period of gasification agent full reaction, furnace reduction layer, oxide layer formed by ash, driven by grate discharge automatically from ash basin. Coal in the process of carbonization, give priority to with volatile a precipitate generated gas called dry distillation gas, composed of two at the top of the furnace gas and accounts for about 40% of the total amount of gas, the calorific value is higher (6700 kj/nm3) low temperature (120 ℃), and contains a lot of tar.

The tar is a low-temperature distillate, which is more liquid, and can be collected by electrostatic precipitator as a raw material and fuel. In the gasification section, the hot, semi-coke and vaporizers are produced by a series of chemical reactions, such as reduction and oxidation, called gasification gas. Composed of two pieces of the bottom of the furnace gas and accounts for about 60% of the total amount of gas, the calorific value is lower (6400 kj/nm3), high temperature (450 ℃), because of coal in carbonization carbonization time is enough, into the gasification of coal has become carbocoal, thus generating the gasification of coal gas do not contain tar, and because of grate gray layer, so that contains a small amount of fly ash. At the bottom of the gas can be after the cyclone and air cooling equipment to deal with, so to use cold gas purification, the user, then you may not use water to wash method can use cold purification on gas, and avoid the shortcomings of phenol water cannot handle.

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