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What is the effect of gas in the fire hole?
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The gas fire hole is a window to the outside of the gas stove, and the operator understands and adjusts the condition of the furnace through the fire hole.

It is possible to observe the surface temperature of the furnace and the uniform condition of the material. Regular drilling can be done to understand the distribution of the material. 

It is possible to conduct regular drilling in order to understand the distribution of the layers within the material layer.

3, different kinds of drill is used for different kinds of drill when the layers of surface area of the material layer are not normal. (for example, the coal, the coal, the slag, the shake and so on).

Because of the positive pressure in furnace, furnace pressure in 1500 or so commonly, several out two paragraphs furnace pressure (3000 mpa) so to open fire detecting hole, the gas must be made not to overflow, but want to have a channel, you can see in furnace and the furnace operation, thus to take steam seal. Steam sealed by ground fire inside the hole of a nozzle, the nozzle is actually an annular clearance, clearance distance between 1 mm, after a certain pressure steam, form a, to the vapor cone curtain inside the furnace, the steam curtain can prevent gas leakage. The stand or fall of steam curtain effect is decided and steam pressure and clearance distance, steam pressure too low, not form steam curtain, gap is too big or too small can generate steam.

Although sealed gas after using steam seal, but due to the vapor screen Angle downward, so in the process of steam injection, and into the air, this caused the increased oxygen content in gas, the higher the steam pressure, the greater the amount of air into the. So the producer gas generator in operation regulations cannot be open at the same time more than three fire detecting hole, and require gas producer song typeface: furnace between furnace in regular inspection or make furnace processing, its open fire detecting time shall be staggered holes.

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