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What happened to the noise of the gas nozzle?
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Gas generator nozzle are near gasification reaction period, the gasification reaction period of fire detecting, accident DaQian operation and coal gasification reaction section of hot blast dust, most over the period of gas Q1 export, part of gas contains moisture, coal tar and that its contain material in dry distillation section related to the degree of carbonization, if the coal carbonization thoroughly, the period of the gas tar content rarely. The main impurities carried by the next section of gas are dust, partial water and a small amount of tar. Q2 as part of the gas in the upper left on the gasification reaction layer, also carried by the fire, accident DaQian operation and coal of dust heat explosion, but in the process of upward, after 5 to 6 meters height of dry distillation of coal seam filter, this part of the basic by blocking dust in downward coal. The tar that is produced by the dry distillation of coal is produced by the above gas in the form of tar fog. The main impurities that are carried by the gas in the upper section of the gas are produced by the coal distillate, which produces the moisture from the tar, the evaporation of coal, and the small amount of dust that is carried by the gas stream.

Two sections of gas producer gas pipeline jam, mostly due to the gas of the dust and tar in the gas pipeline under condensation in the mix, cause the loss of tar liquidity, deposition in the pipeline, thus it can be seen that the necessary condition of the gas pipeline jam is gas contains a lot of dust and tar. Practice has proved that when the gas temperature at 120-250 ℃, the gas containing tar and dust easily pipeline, this is mainly because the temperature of the water in the gas in the gas phase (gas saturation) has not been achieved, the tar in the aerosol state of small particle size, the dust in the gas is humid aerosol state tar, tar particle size small, but this cannot be in the form of flow pattern will be out of the dust of this part, then after tar wet dust deposition adhesion in the gas pipeline and equipment on the inner wall, slowly become blocked. When the temperature is below 120 ℃, the tar in the gas shows good liquid form of liquidity, low temperature gas, water vapor can also be part of the gas condensate liquid, liquid of tar and dust in the water can be deposited on the gas pipeline, flushing out of the pipe, thus reduce blockage probability. When the temperature higher than 250 ℃, the tar in the gas and water gas mixed with the gas flow in gas, gas deposits under the dust was not in the tar or water wet gas, adhesion between the pipe wall is small, it is easy to be gas flow to lap up out of the pipe, so the temperature gas is not easy to jam.

To prevent the two sections of gas producer gas block solution in order to prevent the next period of gas pipe blockage of the reasonable structure of dry distillation section to ensure that the period of gas is not blocked, shall fully guarantee coal is expected to fully dry distillation in the dry distillation section, this requires two period of gas producer of dry distillation section of structure must be reasonable, has enough space, the height and capacity of the coal at the same time guarantee period of gas exports has sufficient size, to ensure that coal is expected to arrive in gasification section first, fully dry distillation, make the next period of gas containing tar, less as far as possible so as to effectively prevent the gas pipeline jam. Correctly adjust upper and lower section of the gas flow ratio, is based on what boiling coal volatile content and the amount of moisture content, gas from the gasification period of reasonable assigned to fluctuation period, its purpose is to fully guarantee the dry distillation section of the carbonization of coal carbonization material need heat, to fully dry distillation of coal, under the guarantee period of the gas tar content is less, thus effectively avoid the period of gas pipeline jam, fluctuation period of gas proportional distribution, to ensure the gas flow in the upper for the principle.

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