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What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of gas generator?
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 Shandong wanfeng tip: electric tar precipitator is one of the two sections of the main equipment for gas producer, is the role of it after washing, cooling gas to remove tar, sent to the next working procedure after dust. We need to pay attention to the following questions in our production:


1.Make sure to use steam to purge the gas before gas, and steam to warm up the insulator.


2.the gas is replaced by a low temperature and will be dispersed for about 10 minutes.


3.When the output is stable, the oxygen content is analyzed and the oxygen content is less than 0.5%.


4.power, current voltage gradually from low to high, more than 30 kv, once per litre for 5 minutes, until a plus 40 kv, the current 100 ma, current voltage record every hour;


5. into the tar of gas temperature should be around 110 ℃ to 120 ℃, and the insulator box at about 100 ℃, insulator at around 50 ℃ can be;


6.The bottom tank is accompanied by heat and insulation, which ensures that the dust, the tar is liquid, and the flow rate of the flow is observed each time


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