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A gas producer will save coal more than a small one. It's not
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Producer gas generator model is made up of furnace body diameter logo, the size of the furnace body, the greater the diameter, the greater the coal gas production rate is, the greater the relative price also will be higher. Some users tend to be more likely to invest in less investment.


Look at the smaller model, think that this investment is small, use coal less, cheaper, actually not. In general, the output intensity of a gas furnace must be equal to or greater than the requirement for the thermal value of the heat furnace. Due to the


For all the required temperature heat value gas furnace is provided by the gas stove, or operating, coal and gas stove problem not at the time, is likely to use gas furnace can not meet the temperature index, insufficient gas supply; or Thermal furnace will have an unfavorable influence on the absorption of heat, heat loss is more, sealed performance is poor, the required gas after go in haven't enough combustion space, gas calorific value is not play, incomplete, heat release in the furnace chamber Not hold and the possibility of being absorbed, there are a large number of surplus gas exhaust chimneys, it is not reasonable use of energy, to reach the ideal temperature index is an important factor. This kind of furnace is mostly in


The problem of the evolution of the old furnaces of other solid or liquid fuels is more prominent.



In fact, a larger gas producer doesn't waste coal. We just need to add coal to our gas. On the contrary, the model is too small, so we must add more to our use Coal, more than a certain amount of coal, cannot be fully burned and converted into gas. Instead, coal is wasted.

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