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How do you adjust the steam size of a single gas producer?
TIME:2017-5-23 10:46:16 | VIEW:

 In single stage gas furnace daily use, we will have a lot of problems, like steam production how to adjust the size of it is also the key issue, Shandong Wanfeng will introduce how to quickly adjust the gas furnace steam quantity.

Single stage type gas generating furnace is not controlled steam, it will cause a large single-stage gas furnace in coal scab, quantity and quality will seriously affect the gas production, gas gasifier existing varieties of raw materials are mixed. Therefore, by blowing steam, and the percentage difference should not be stereotyped, according to the material. The performance of the. Mainly based on the ash melting point of raw materials, followed by the ash content of raw materials
So, for the different performance of steam coal, how to use, only in the instrument accuracy, valve to prevent leakage, low pressure steam duct pressure stable blowing line under the condition of attention, through practice, cognition, practice, understanding, finally get the suitable amount of steam and blow down percentage is good the high yield and low consumption.
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