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The method of turning the furnace for the furnace of gas generator
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 A hot standby gas generator is called a hot spare furnace, which is disconnected from the gas production network, and the exhaust from the exhaust pipe is discharged by natural ventilation.

The furnace and gas network will be disconnected from the furnace.

Add coal and stop the flying mechanism. 

Open the natural ventilation valve quickly after slowly closing the air valve and the saturated temperature steam valve.

Open the steam bag manual release valve.

Attention should be paid during operation and heat preparation:

(1) the opening of the valve and the natural ventilation valve shall be appropriate, not too small or too small, otherwise it will not only waste coal, but may cause accidents.


(2) gas producer during the hot standby, went into a state of negative pressure in the furnace, so it is strictly prohibited to open the furnace hole, shall not start the stoker and the institutions, at the same time we should pay attention to check water level, water everywhere.

(3) the hot standby time is over 48 hours, and the furnace drums should be warmed up once. The steps: 

A. close the natural ventilation valve.

Steam the bottom of the furnace for 5 minutes.

C. Open air supply for wind, start up the coal and the flapper, and be appropriate.

D. After confirming the condition of the furnace, the furnace will be reheated.

(note: turn off natural ventilation valves to open steam quickly)

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