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What are the measures to be taken when the electricity is out of power?
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 In the summer, we all know electricity is often present the condition of the lack of supply, so when our furnace gas attack is running, if meet with the status of the natural power outages, how we should deal with? This question may also be a better man is not willing to see, may be the operator of the furnace gas attack a doubt, the most headache now shandong wanfeng to answer this question for you.


First, balance the pressure in the gas blast furnace, which is the steam valve that opens the bottom of the furnace, and increases the amount of steam inside the furnace.


Second, close the burner and open the valve.


Third, reduce the steam from the gas blast furnace bottom and turn the inlet valve small.


Fourth, open the natural ventilation valve.


Fifth, turn off the air-conditioned valve in the gas blast furnace.


Sixth, turn down the steam valve at the bottom of the furnace and open the manual exhaust valve on the steam line.


Seventh, it is time to look for the power of the gas burner. A special electrician can be asked for repairs. If check, discover the time that the demand is off power is long, the gas blast furnace should be transferred to heat standby management condition.


It is important to note that when the power is off, it is forbidden to turn over the fire hole and the coal bell. That's a very risky operation.


My door in the operation of the gas attack, may encounter all sorts of questions, it needs our professional operators, and in accordance with the strict operation specification of the gas furnace in the relevant operation.

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