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Why is the gas in the gas furnace low when the gas is high?
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 The gas produced by gas in general is flammable in carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane. Normal hydrogen content is around 14%.

Most hydrogen is produced by gas generator water vapor and carbon reduction reaction, saturated with water vapor in the air and high temperature carbon reaction will produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide. At the same time, the large molecular decomposition of coal produces some of the hydrogen gas, which occurs when the gas is not functioning properly. When the gas is leaking, it is an important reason for the increase in hydrogen content. A leak occurs when water vapor and carbon monoxide react to produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide. At this time to pay attention to the, at this time the producer gas generator may have malfunctioned would cause this to happen, have consumed at the same time the production of carbon monoxide, is actually do more harm than good, because there is no carbon monoxide high calorific value compared with hydrogen.

Also, if the normal operation of gas producer, for some reason saturation temperature rise suddenly, exacerbate reduction reaction to produce a large amount of hydrogen, looking at seems advisable, actually is not correct, this is because the producer gas generator in the fire layer of such phenomena will absorb a lot of heat, resulting in a decline in temperature, against the production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is behind.

In addition, if the cold operation of the gas generator (see the previous gas producer of cold running data), the temperature of the material layer down, at this time would reduce the reduction reaction, hydrogen production decreases.

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