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Small gas producer - environmental coal fired furnace
TIME:2017-5-26 11:58:22 | VIEW:

The small gas generator is the device that converts coal into gas, and in theory the gas group becomes CO, H2, CH4, CmHn 51%, N2. After burning smoke-free non-toxic, exhaust to atmosphere without any pollution, but the present stage of gas generator gas burned directly, without processing of flue gas ash powder for about 20 mg/cubic, tell from the dust of small gas stove completely satisfied with the national standard.

Second, compared with traditional coal gasifier of small, the concentration of sulfur dioxide in flue gas can be reduced by 50%, the factor is took the form of pyrite sulfur in coal, the associated gas of the furnace temperature control within 1300 ℃, and pyrite differentiation temperature above 1300 ℃, thus, part of the sulfur are not differentiated by in coal cinder, should choose low sulfur content coal, sulfur dioxide wouldn't overspend.

Finally is the solution to the coal tar, more in general bituminous coal tar content is more, our small coal tar with gas in the process of burning fire, part without burning will be deposited into a solid, so no tar pollution formed.

Induction of the above factors, the small gas producer has become the energy conservation and environmental protection first coal furnace!

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