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Two section gas generator structure characteristics?
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A two-stage gas producer is a new gas blast furnace derived from a single stage gas generator. There is no doubt about the fact that a two-stage gas producer is more advanced than a single section of gas. The bisection gas generator's lead is influenced by its unusual structure. Let's take a look at the construction characteristics and unusual places of the two-stage gas generator.

Two section gas generator characteristics:

A two-stage gas generator is constructed in half water

Two sections of gas have been set up in the outside of the furnace

A long tube separator is set up in a two-stage gas producer

The hydraulic transmission structure is chosen for the four parts gas generator

The gas is produced by water vapor, which is gasification and is high in gasification

The upper, bottom, and dust collectors of the six parts of the gas furnace are selected by water seal, and the safety function is high

The two parts of the gas are dust-removing and the disulfur-desulfurizer

Special function of double section gas generator

The outside of the furnace is set up with the dry distillation tower, which has the function of two stages of the furnace. Improved gas yield and gas quality.

Two parts gas producer gas production stable, in succession, gas heat value up to 1200-1400kcal/kg, high thermal efficiency.

The pollutant discharge is low and the ash content is usually between 2.6 and 5 percent.

No drilling, no fire, no coal, no fire, no coke.

The coal can be widely used in two parts of gas generator. Efficient energy saving and direct coal comparison, energy saving 5-30%, heat efficiency progress 5-20%. Apply to metallurgy, machinery, light industry, building materials, chemical industry, can be used for casting, boiler, heating furnace, carbon kiln, tunnel kiln, glass kiln, heat treatment furnace, dry kiln, and other heating equipment.

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