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How to shut the process properly?
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 Double period of producer gas generator, not only need our skilled grasp the principle of double period of gas producer, understand the double period of producer gas generator structure, need we according to the accurate way to operate. At the end of operation, the two sections of gas are sealed to prevent safety accidents. What should be done at the end of the production of the two-stage gas producer? How do you know exactly how to close a two-stage gas generator?

Originally, the double period of gas producer to suspend the work, are two kinds of conditions, one is normal closed process, one is temporary closed for some reason. Following the two different conditions, the experts of the two different gas producer in the shandong wangfeng two-section gas furnace have a specific solution:

(1) normal closed two section gas generator procedure:

Slowly reduce the load of the two parts gas to the minimum.

Stop the gas blower, then seal off the barrier valve.

Transfer the gas fan input pressure to 1kpa and manually adjust the air flow control valve to 5-10% opening.

Open the torch barrier valve.

Stop the air blower.

Cut off the two sections of gas and the electric trap and the electric trap, and seal off the barrier valve or water seal.

Closed two section gas producer gas barrier valve.

8, introducing foreign steam in mixer, and the temperature of the gasification agent is set at 100 ℃.

The coal system is fed by a closed two-stage gas generator.

After about an hour, the grate can be driven every five minutes.

After eight hours, you can keep the grate rolling again.

After about 18 hours, the steam input valve can be turned off by detecting the fire after the fire has subsided.

When the remaining contents of the furnace are finished, the hydraulic equipment and the smooth system are closed.

(2) the two section gas producer temporarily discontinued the work

Step 1: reduce the load of the two parts gas to the minimum and turn the torch on and then close the gas supply to the user.

Stop the gas blower and set the input pressure setting to 1kpa.

Stop the air blower of the two sections of gas, open the natural vent, and let the blast furnace air.

The temporary suspension of the two-stage gas generator has been relaunched.

Stop natural ventilation and start the air drum

Start a two-stage gas producer gas blower and seal the torch blocking valve.

Adjust the inlet pressure of the gas blower to 2kpa.

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