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The effect of gasification intensity on gas production in shandong province
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Gas production rate of gas producer and gasification intensity, the rate of gasification, the inner diameter of the generator, and the intensity of the gasification and the vaporization rate and the selection of furnace type, operation method and the fuel used in the chemical and physical properties. This is because although some generator inside the same, but because of the difference of the structure will make the fabric inside the furnace, blast, slag and gasification agent into the furnace of different flow conditions affect the gasification intensity, in general, gasification intensity change is bound to produce gas generator units of the basin. There are different gasification indicators. The fuel consumption of different types of gas in the same inner diameter is different in unit time. But for a designated gas producer, once the coal is determined, the formula calculates the maximum gas output per unit time.

At present, the domestic most of the production of fuel gas generator gas station is continuous production and continuous gas supply, and no more intermediate storage, gas as a buffer between the production with the user. So, in actual production, how much gas the user needs, and how much gas the gas supply unit is going to produce. So it is decided to actual production situation of each generator is not always full, but according to the size of the gas at any time to adjust the production load of generator. In the process of adjusting load, since each fixed gas station of the furnace type, coal is not frequently change, so the same, rate of gasification in operating conditions when little change should also be a constant. , generator production load increase and decrease only through the adjustment of the gasification intensity of the I, or within the allowed van trapped raise or lower gasification intensity and other technical indicators of changes to achieve a goal. It is shown that there is a direct relation between the volume of gas and the intensity of gasification in the normal operation of the furnace. General situation is that the producer of the gasification intensity increasing, coal consumption will increase, at this point the stove gas R will also along with the increase, on the other hand, the producer of the gasification intensity is reduced, coal consumption will decrease, as the decrease in gas production of the furnace.

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