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The cause of abnormal vibration of gas generator furnace is explained in detail
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There will be a vibration during the course of the gas generator, and even when the furnace temperature reaches a certain height, it will even be violent and dangerous to collapse. What is the cause of abnormal vibration in the gas producer?

If the gas producer is not reasonable, or the design of the turbine is not reasonable, it can cause the vibration of the gas producer.

The cause of abnormal vibration in the gas generator

The backwater and the suction pipe of the gas generator are caused by inversion. When the water pipes and the suction pipe are inverted, the gas generator will cause the shaking to occur because of the continuous water hammer effect.

High water level in gas producer. If a gas producer is too high, it will flood the mouth of the stove, which will cause a dithering.

The design of gas producer is unreasonable. Under normal circumstances, the outlet of gas generator set in the water jacket is bend upwards, but now some not normal manufacturer is simple with a head device directly on the casing wall, water can cause the furnace exhaust so not free chattering caused by the fire.

A mechanical failure caused by gas producer. For example, the furnace plate jitter caused by the slag from the slag in the furnace, the dithering of local fault caused by the error of operation, etc.

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