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What is the basis for artificial regulation of gas producer?
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 Air volume for the stability of the gas generator furnace condition operation is a very important factor, the operator must know according to which the reliable basis to adjust the air volume of gas generator. The fireman can adjust the wind quantity according to the following situations:

1, when the furnace is under the prescribed limits, the small amount should be turned off, and the wind quantity should be increased when it is below the prescribed limit.

2, adjust the air flow must be combined with the furnace condition, which is as the arrangement of the generator group leader should have a plan as a whole, namely health furnace strips, lesions to pick, don't make the generator to increase the load of the deterioration of the furnace condition has worsen its shall not adjust and make the furnace condition more.

3, increase the air flow should be combined with the processing of material layer, when partial operation and the blood boiling, air volume increase, also contributed to the development of abnormal furnace condition and so on the one hand, increase the air volume, on the one hand, it should speed up the handling of the furnace.

4, determine the maximum air volume, each a coal furnace gasification of coal, there are certain gasification intensity, such as datong coal in 350 kg/m2, more than a certain range to maintain production, but the decrease of the quality of the gas furnace condition may change, cause heat run, so can't open too big air volume.

5, to determine the minimum air volume, it is mentioned above and the corresponding, when low air volume, on the one hand, the whole cross section cannot achieve uniform ventilation, it is easy to cause cold run and run.

6, air volume adjustment best is a small amount of adjustment, such as from the adjustment of the 3000-6000 m3 per hour, if can increase 1000 m3 per hour at a time, three times to whole quantity adjustment, and between the interval of half an hour at a time, which will be conducive to gradually adapt to the level.

7, air volume adjustment shall be three at the same time, adjust the air volume, at the same time adjust the saturation temperature stable fire layer length and fire temperature, adjust the volume of coal at the same time, keep the bed height, adjusting slag quantity at the same time, maintain ash quantity highly stable.

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