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The gas producer has the problem of low efficiency of boiler
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Double sections of gas generator to create value and green environmental protection, two sections of gas occurrence boiler coal gasification technology of gas, dust, water, coke and other craft, strict control of fly ash and other pollutants into the atmosphere, due to the combustion process is reasonable, the less harmful exhaust gas producer into. The gas into the gas in the upper and the lower section of the gas, the gas in the upper comparatively light, and contains very little dust, contain coal tar is more, entering the electric tar precipitator, the tar droplets and dust in the gas is polarization, packed into the pipe wall, gravity to coke tank; The lower part of the gas contains less coal tar and the dust collector is centrifuged. After the gas was mixed with the next gas, the gas was sent to the furnace.

Shandong wanfeng in the producer gas generator equipment production technology and operation skills has a wealth of experience, focus on gas every detail of the production and operation.

Direct coal-burning furnaces tend to be eliminated, polluted and inefficient. The natural gas heat is about 8, 000 calories, which is equivalent to 0.5 yuan for every 1,000 calories produced by natural gas. Electricity is also a good source of heat, which is free of pollution. Electricity generates about 850 calories per kilowatt-hour, and industrial electricity costs about 1 yuan per kilowatt hour, equivalent to the amount of heat generated by electricity generated by 1, 000 calories per kilowatt hour. In the process of coal gasification, the sulfur content of coal is about 80 and into the gas, while the rest remains in the ash. The sulfur in the gas is inorganic sulfur and organic sulfur, which is mainly hydrogen sulfide. Production of gas producer gas generator, whether in storage, or in the process of transporting, should do a good job in security measures, the gas as a fuel gas, combustion explosion easily.

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