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Auxiliary equipment for gas generator
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Shandong wanfeng gas generator equipment are: electric tar precipitator, cyclone separator, heating furnace of steel rolling, bell type annealing kiln, tunnel kiln, all fiber car type heat treatment furnace, car type heat treatment furnace.

Electric tar precipitator

Electric traps are used to filter the tar in gas, and the electric traps are used in the form of concentric, tubular and honeycombed. No matter what kind of structure, its working principle, namely in the metal wire and metal pipe wall applying the high voltage direct current (or plate), in order to maintain enough to make gas ionization produced electric field, the corona region formed between Yin and Yang very.


Cyclone dust collectors are a type of dust removal device. In addition to the heavy mechanism is made dust airflow rotating movement, dust particles from the air by means of centrifugal force to separate and trap in the wall, then with the help of gravity that dust fell into ash hopper. The cyclone, which began in 1885, has evolved into a variety of forms. According to the way of flow, it can be divided into two types: the cut into the entry type and the axial entry. Under the same pressure loss, the latter can handle about three times as much gas as the former, and the flow is evenly distributed. General cyclone dust collector consists of simplified, cone, and exhaust pipes. Cyclone dust extractor has simple structure, easy to manufacture, installation and maintenance, equipment investment and operation cost is low, has been widely used for separation of solid and liquid particles from the air, or from the separation of solid particles in the liquid. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particle is 5 to 2500 times the force of gravity, so the efficiency of the cyclone is significantly higher than the gravitational settling chamber. Most of the particles that are used to remove 0.3 mu m or more, and the multi-cyclone dust collector in parallel, also has 80 to 85 percent of the dust removal efficiency for the three mu m particles. With high temperature resistant, resistant to abrasion and dress special metal or ceramic material structure of cyclone, at temperature as high as 1000 ℃, pressure of 500 x 105 pa under the conditions of operation. From the technical and economic aspects, the pressure loss control of cyclone dust collector is usually 500 ~ 2000Pa.

Steel rolling heating furnace

Steel rolling heating furnace is commonly by the furnace body, cooling system, combustion system, in and out of the material, exhaust system, waste heat recovery system, such as automatic control system of seven parts. The material is divided into two kinds: side and end. It is mainly used to heat the steel billet, the combustion atmosphere of rolling steel furnace is reduced, the burning loss of billet is reduced, and the heating quality of billet is improved.

Bell type annealing furnace

The hood annealing kiln consists of two stoves, two inner covers, a heating hood and a cooling hood. When a furnace heating temperature and heat preservation, the other one of furnace in cooling, discharging process, 2 alternate heating furnace heating cover, both to save energy consumption, and realizing the continuous production.

Tunnel kiln

The tunnel kiln is divided into high temperature tunnel kiln and medium temperature tunnel kiln. Lining tunnel kiln structure form is varied, can be a major quality refractory brick or lightweight refractory brick, the kiln top can be divided into the arch structure or flat ceiling structure, enclosure for the metal plate structure or red brick walls, concrete form according to the different situation to carry on the design of products and customers. The tunnel kiln is mainly used for the burning of refractory materials, ceramics and chemical powder. Tunnel kiln production is large, the product quality is stable.

Full-fibre platform type heat treatment kiln

All fiber car type heat treatment furnace consists of furnace body, door, car, oven door lifting mechanism, car to walk, gas producer, temperature display and other parts. Part of the furnace is made of steel frame and steel plate, and the furnace lining is made up of refractory block structure.

Car type heat treatment kiln

It is suitable for the annealing, positive and tempering of large and large quantities. The hot use of a car stove is high in fuel, and the pollution of the surrounding environment is small.

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