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The type of heat transfer in gas generator
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 Producer gas generator convective heat transfer between refers to the movement of the fluid and surface by heat convection and heat conduction effect of heat exchange S, is called the convective heat transfer or name is exothermic.

Small gas mechanics concepts we have talked about the boundary layer theory, to know, from the surface of the fluid in the motion of arteries and veins and solid contact in forming a host fail to nearly zero films people recover from the thin uniform layer to the velocity of the distance to flow the progress of the area is people or dynamic boundary layer flow boundary. As shown in figure 3-5. We call the fluid, which is largely without a gradient, called "mainstream" or "fluid core".

Also in the system of exothermic phenomena, the temperature drop of the fluid and the surface is concentrated in the thin film layer near the boundary. Outside the cattail layer, the temperature of the fluid in the mainstream is basically the same, and the boundary layer of this temperature change, the temperature gradient, is known as the "heat transfer boundary layer". The thermal boundary layer of the fluid is different from that of the dynamic boundary layer.

When fluid flow is greater, some of the fluid in the boundary layer flows from laminar flow to home flow. It is only near the wall of the solid wall that a small small action is retained as the layer of the "laminar layer" or "laminar inner layer". 

Because the fluid in laminar boundary layer is divided into non-radial displacement and samhan phenomenon, the heat transfer can only be achieved by heat conduction. Convective heat transfer process is extremely complex changes all affect the boundary layer thermal conductivity rate (such as: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of fluid boundary layer thickness island thermal physical properties) and fluid turbulent mixing intensity causes (such as the nature of the fluid, flow velocity, shape, surface and the relative position of fluid and solid... etc.), the ministry will directly affect the burner of convective heat transfer rate is the size of the convective heat flux gM.

When a fluid is a laminar flow, the boundary layer is thick and the mixture inside the fluid can only be achieved by the diffusion of molecules. So the whole process of convection heat transfer is showing the characteristics of the heat conduction. When anvil body assumes the nai choke flow team because of boundary layer thinning fluid mixing cooperation within the sichuan also and significantly enhanced with the increase of degree of hydrophilic flow, so at this moment only 16 counties in the convective heat transfer process in the underlying characteristics of thermal conductivity. Due to the increase of heat transfer in the gas furnace, it is obvious that the heat transfer in the furnace will be increased.

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