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Common sense of gas in the ove
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 Gas producer is a kind of for a device that is very important in modern society because it not only can produce making gas also pollution to the atmospheric environment without any harm, so this equipment is one of the most popular products. And such devices are also socially promoted, after all, that there are big USES for society and human beings. So since it's such a green device, do we know what some of the basic facts about the gas generator are? And some of its advantages, since you are not very clear, let the shandong wanfeng give you a brief introduction.

First of all tell you within the furnace gas generator is equipped with adjustable pocket flap and conical coal unit using the combination of uniform distribution, coal, fuel furnace section thickness, so as to improve the efficiency of coal gasification, eliminating phenomenon happened in a blaze of partial furnace. And it is a five-storey tower in the grate, steel material selection, gas generator furnace design is reasonable, can make the gasification agent uniform distribution uniformity, nowadays slag operation, relatively stable, the distribution of the furnace material layer can produce gas is in the best state, and reduce the carbon content of slag and ash tray part adopts worm worm gear transmission device, is made of cast steel to enhance the transmission part of the tensile and compressive strength to ensure the normal operation of the gas generator and its stable and durable. With isolation water-sealed cyclone, boiler stop during a power outage, the closed height of the water can be improved, to cut off the gas generator between the gas and thermal furnace, ensure that produces no pressure, put an end to happen the tempering explosion.

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