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What is the reason for the environmental protection?
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 We may always think gas producer is not environmental protection, this may be to our misunderstanding, we produce the gas generator to give us the best benefit, in all aspects of gas producer strive to perfect, so in terms of environmental protection will be trying to do the best.

Now shandong wanfeng gives us a few aspects of the gas producer environmental protection factor.

1, dust

Gas generator is the equipment that turns coal into gas, in theory: the composition of the gas of the blast furnace, H2, CH4, CmHn, 51%, N2 and CO2 account for 49%. After incineration, the exhaust fumes are non-toxic and no pollution to the atmosphere. But at this stage before the onset of the gas producer gas burned directly, without processing it in flue gas ash powder is about 20 mg/cubic, the (national standard rules kiln emissions is not greater than 100 mg/cubic). From the dust, the gas produced by our company meets the national standards completely.

2, sulfur dioxide,

The gas generator is compared with the direct coal burning, and the sulfur dioxide is reduced by 50%. Factor is took the form of pyrite sulfur in coal, the associated gas generator furnace temperature control within 1300 ℃, and pyrite differentiation temperature above 1300 ℃, thus, a some sulphur were not differentiated in cinder. Just pick coal with low sulphur content and sulphur dioxide will not overspend.

3, coal tar 

Coal tar is less in anthracite and more in coal, usually burning with gas. Some of the unburned deposits become solid and don't form pollution.

So that's a couple of factors for the gas producer.

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