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The application of gas generator in the furnace of the preheater
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The fuel temperature can meet the temperature requirement of billet heating

At the line the highest heating temperature of billet generally in the range of 1000 ~ 1350 ℃. Two sections of gas calorific value of 6490 kj/m3, air preheating temperature at 300 ℃, the theoretical combustion temperature is 2300 ℃, temperature coefficient according to 0.7 meter, temperature is 1610 ℃, can fully meet the requirements of general line of rolling.

The feasibility of combustion technology

The heating furnace width of the workshop is less than 4m, and the heating process can be met by using side heating and heating. To do this, we need to change the original oil burner to the oil and gas burner. We need not make other changes and invest less.

The radiation heat transfer of smoke is strong

The three atoms of gas in the flue gas, CO2 and H2O, are highly radioactive, and their concentration plays a decisive role in the heat transfer, which is the CO in the gas fuel. 2 and H? The higher the concentration of water, the greater the heat transfer of the smoke. The concentration of CO2 and HO in the gas combustion products can reach about 28%, and the concentration of CO2 and H2O in the oil burning products is high, so the radiation heat transfer is strong.

The furnace temperature control is convenient, the heating quality is good

Because gas is gas fuel, fuel gas mixed with air is a molecule, molecular liquid mixing ratio of molecular hybrid easier, convenient adjustment, is advantageous to the furnace temperature adjustment and control. And because the gas and air mix well, flame even, not like direct burning heavy oil atomization is bad, flame concentration, has the disadvantages such as hot and cold spots, so the billet temperature uniformity, oxidation burning loss less.

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