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The occurrence of abnormal vibration in the gas generator is explained in detail
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The gas generator will vibrate in the process of operation, and it will even be violent when the furnace temperature reaches a certain height, and there is a risk of collapse. What is the cause of abnormal vibration in the gas producer?

If the gas producer is not reasonable in the water pipe and the gas pipe equipment, or if it is not reasonable, the gas generator will be caused by the oscillation of the gas generator.

There was an abnormal vibration in the gas producer

The backwater and suction pipe of the gas generator is caused by inversion. When the water pipes and the suction pipe are inverted, the gas generator will vibrate due to a series of water hammer effects.

High water level in gas producer. If the gas stage is too high, it will engulf the pipe of the stove, and the gas will be in the fire and will cause a tremor.

3, the gas producer plan is not reasonable. Under normal conditions, the air outlet of gas generator set in the water jacket and is bent upward, but now some non-standard manufacturer is simple with a head equipment directly on the casing wall, water exhaust will form the stove so confusing and cause chattering of the furnace. 

A mechanical failure occurred in the gas producer. For example, the furnace plate pulsating by the slag in the furnace, and the vibration of part of the fault caused by the error of operation.

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