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How does the gas producer present a partial fire when it is on the edge of the fire?
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There are a lot of people said delineation ash partial fire was found, in fact, in the delineation of time there is a lot of disadvantages of gray gas stove made now is more and more big, the delineation of fire when it is necessary to use curved drill ground fire, in the process of fire detecting fire detecting bit bearing is very difficult to control, because by ground fire drill point of view and the effect of fire detecting hole internal resistance, each time in the process of fire detecting fire detecting qian will offset point of view is very big, gas producer every deviation form agent fire drill in the furnace interior position is different, so fire detecting results not accurate. Not to mention the use of this result to control the situation.

The gas generator is usually measured in the measurement process, and the thickness of the recovery layer and the dry distillation layer are not visible. But the single stage gas producer can measure the altitude of the empty layer and calculate the height of the recovery layer and the dry distillation layer. Two-stage gas generator is measured by the electric thermocouple probe to determine the height of each layer. However, because of the fact that the electronic parts sometimes fail, they can't rely on the electronic inspection, it is necessary to use the method of drilling to grasp the situation in the furnace. Under normal circumstances, the steel pin is inserted into the handle so that the feeling of metal is strong in the grate. If you don't drill down, slagging in furnace, the slagging degree of hardness is able to distinguish the slagging, sometimes put qian found very sticky, it is the forerunner of slagging, sometimes inserted pull out after brazing, found the drill in the empty area has a lot of tar, clarify the upper temperature is low, in a state of cold working.

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