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Gas generator shut down the safe operation procedure
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 As you all know, gas producer in the safe operation in the process of operation is very heavy, considering the gas producer's own reaction principle, when we are in use, can with ease, today, shandong wanfeng for gas generator operation process of a brief introduction in the stall

The gas generator will stop the operation of the fire operation

After receiving instructions from the supervisor of the fire extinguishing, the kiln operator is advised to stop the gas burner and turn off the gas and air valves.

The gas producer reduces the blast of gas in the furnace and increases the saturation temperature.

Stop loading and stop working ash tray.

Turn on the safety release valve on the gas generator side, close the air valve at the bottom, and stop the blower.

5, the producer gas generator, furnace bottom steam until gas exit temperature and steam temperature at the same time, stop to steam, furnace cooling to 40-80 ℃, the rotating disk ash, blowing out.

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