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A two-stage gas generator will be more trusted
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 Two sections of furnace gas attack from top to bottom by carbonization and gasification of coal from the first top coal by two groups of bottom valve coal into the furnace, coal in the dry distillation section through abundant boring and long time of carbonization, constitute carbocoal, step by step into the gasification section, hot carbocoal in gasification furnace bottom blowing period of gasification agent of energetic response, through the furnace restoration layer, oxide layer of ash, driven by grate basin initiative to discharge from the ashes. Coal in the process of carbonization, mainly volatilization of ceding the generated gas called dry distillation gas, constitute two paragraphs at the top of the furnace gas and accounts for about 40% of the total amount of gas, the calorific value is higher (6700 kj/nm3) low temperature (120 ℃), and is rich in a lot of tar. This kind of tar is the product of low temperature, the liquid is better, can choose electrostatic precipitator to catch up, as chemical raw material and fuel.

In the gasification section, the hot, semi-coke and vaporizers are called gasification gas, through a series of chemical reactions, such as recovery and oxidation. Constitute two section of the bottom of the furnace gas and accounts for about 60% of the total amount of gas, the calorific value is lower (6400 kj/nm3), high temperature (450 ℃), because of the coal during carbonization carbonization time enough time, into the gasification of coal has become carbocoal, thus generating the gasification of coal gas do not contain tar, and because of grate gray layer, so rich in a small number of fly ash. At the bottom of the gas can be after the cyclone and air cooling equipment to deal with, so for the use of cold gas purification, the user, then you may not choose washing method can use cold to purify the gas, so as to avoid a lot of phenol water cannot handle defects.

Two sections of gas furnace has two gas exports, and can output different calorific value of gas and its gasification power and induction heat power is higher than single section of the furnace, coal through the period of fully dry distillation furnace, the period of the gas does not contain tar, gas in the upper with a few light tar, not easy to block pipeline, two paragraphs furnace gas calorific value is high and stable, large elasticity of operation, high degree of initiative, low labor intensity. Two blast furnace gas station not pollute the environment, the water is obvious, the area is small, the long running cost is low.

The two-stage gas generator has more advanced skills than ever before, and can be used to a variety of products and will be more trusted.

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