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The treatment of phenol waste water in gas generator
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There is a direct burning of phenol waste, but the cost is too high. Is there any other good way to do it?

A: its focus to collect, and then use the water pump pumping inside the jacket of cyclone, use the period of gas (450-550 ℃) heat directly heated it some of the waste water containing phenol, make it into steam as the gasification agent after applied for gas stove, timing of cyclone in the jacketed vaporizing residual liquid (micro) mixed in the tar processing.

B: the amount of phenol is about 40-50kg/ton of coal;

The treatment method:

1) incineration -- the burning of a incinerator;

2) return -- turn into steam to be used as a gasifier for the use of the gas stove (the treatment of which the first touch will not be able to use so much water, controversial);

2) external delivery.

C: the containing phenol waste water pump enters the waste heat boiler, evaporates and then enters the bottom of the furnace as a vaporizing agent.

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