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Shandong wanfeng introduces you to the cause of the leak in the inner parts of the furnace
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 The gas producer is equipped with a single bucket to lift the coal machine, the double seal bell jar is used to automatically add coal to the coal box, and the slag is automatically made out of the wet ash tray. The grate transmission mechanism is designed in the outside of the furnace, which is reliable and easy to install and repair. Generator water jacket and the drum is a low pressure equipments, through the strength calculation of design, and strict in manufacturing, products for careful inspection before they go out, to ensure that the quality of the generator produces the steam supply blast furnace bottom and furnace top fire detecting hole seal is used, does not need external supplementary steam in production, in order to reduce heat consumption.

But in some cases, there will be a leak in the parts of the gas furnace, so what's the reason? Here's a brief introduction:

In gas occurrence furnace body parts have a leakage phenomenon, the leakage of water in addition to the part of the hydrogen reacts with carbon, mostly by evaporation and steam into the gas.

By blowing air into steam, and hot carbon for the reaction is not 100%, it mainly depends on the fire temperature, the higher the temperature, water vapour decomposition reaction is complete. There was also a gas producer, which caused the local area to be coal, and when the water vapor was not able to respond, it was brought to the gas.

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