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What is the common problem of water use in gas producer system
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What are the common problems of water use in gas producer system? Shandong wanfeng gives you a brief introduction.

1, scale sediment

Boiler water can contain many impurities, the boiler thick concentrated to form scale or precipitation, Canon become sediment adhesion in boiler, not only increases the cost of fuel, and even cause the heating furnace tube and burst.

The soda is boiling


When the boiler steam entrainment part of water droplets to the system, will cause the hydrophobic continuously work and waste of energy, and the boiler heating is not easy, easy to cause the boiler flameout.

Three, corrosion

Corrosion of boiler body, because the water contains dissolved oxygen, when the dissolved oxygen with the boiler feed water into the furnace, and the boiler metal materials react and cause corrosion, can make the furnace tube perforation lead to broken tube, reduce the service life of gas generator boiler; Corrosion of recycled water pipes: when carbon dioxide in the air and oxygen enter the recovery line, it is prone to acid corrosion and corrosion.

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