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What is the use of gas producer process
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Gas generator with double bell jar feeding box sealing automatic feeding, use of wet ash tray automatic slag, according to the production methods, can be divided into two major categories of natural and synthetic gas, with the operation of the gas stove moves down, in and from the bottom of the furnace into the gasification agent (air, steam) counter-current meet at the same time, from the bottom of the furnace fuel layer of high temperature gas heating, physical and chemical reaction, to produce crude gas.

Gas producer process: the use of coal as fuel by adding coal scuttle into furnace, meet the gasification agent by bottom drum charging in the chemical reaction, and upward along the height direction of raw material layer and formed five layers, from bottom to top as: ash layer, oxidation, reduction, dry center layer, dry layer, the blowing of the gasification agent, first through the slag layer, and in this layer, preheating, when rise into the high temperature fuel layer, carbon and oxygen reaction, oxygen layer of hot gas continues to rise, contact with the upper fuel, produced a reduction reaction, reduction zone is mainly produce carbon monoxide and excess water vapor temperature response, and side reaction of methane formation, reduction in the hot gas to rise again, heating the upper coal seam, the formation of the dry distillation and dry on the second floor, carbonization of volatile organic compounds in physics under the action of heat rising hot gas, the dry distillation evaporation, dry layer of moisture, also depend on the quantity of heat, after being dry clean dust collector for processing furnace used for work.

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