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There are three main points of gas and coal
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Three main points of gas and coal:

One, two fights, one quick and one slow, fast is to add coal to the edge of the furnace, slow is to add coal to the middle of the furnace; A quick and slow, so that you can ensure that the coal is uniform;

2, according to the gas temperature and furnace with coal seam color: how many added when coal gas outlet temperature is suitable to use coal to the difference, according to the user in a saturated air temperature 60 ~ 70 ℃ cases normal gas outlet temperature between 400 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ stoking more appropriate; The skilled master can observe the color of the coal seam in the furnace to determine the temperature of the coal, generally speaking, as long as the coal seam is dark red or black and does not require coal; Gas outlet temperature over 600 ℃ when the gas stove will heat in a running state; Less than 400 ℃ the stove would be in a state of cold running;

3, feeding should be according to the industrial furnace flame combustion situation to determine, in principle and coal must guarantee the industrial furnace burner have enough firepower, and the fire should be maintained to be beautiful.

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