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Main indicators of gas producer process
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QM gas producer is the equipment that is used in the heat processing workshop of machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry and materials, etc. The gas producer is equipped with a single bucket to lift the coal machine, the double seal bell jar is used to automatically add coal to the coal box, and the slag is automatically made out of the wet ash tray. The grate transmission mechanism is designed in the outside of the furnace, which is reliable and easy to install and repair. Generator water jacket and the drum is a low pressure equipments, through the strength calculation of design, and strict in manufacturing, products for careful inspection before they go out, to ensure that the quality of the generator produces the steam supply blast furnace bottom and furnace top fire detecting hole seal is used, does not need external supplementary steam in production, in order to reduce heat consumption.

The main index of the production process of gas producer 

Ash layer height: via a drill ground fire, according to the drill temperature, color can understand ash layer height, too high too low ash layer on heat production and equipment itself is bad.

Empty layer height: can be measured by the drill.

The gas composition and quality: the quality of gas composition and affect the gas heating value, which affects the user's normal production, excess oxygen content in gas station and the user will pose a threat. Therefore, in the production of gas producer gas, the operator knows the quality of the gas is very necessary. At present, it is mainly used by the professional technician to analyse the gas analyzer regularly and then give the result back to the fireman, who adjusts the condition of the furnace according to the result.

Saturation temperature: the temperature of the gasification agent, it reflects the gasification agent contained in the quantity of steam, by adjusting the gas producer added steam valves or charging soft water can adjust the saturation temperature.

Reaction temperature: the reaction temperature in the furnace is a very important parameter because the chemical reaction of gas generation is endothermic reaction. Currently no single-ended type gas generator method to accurately measure the parameters, also does not have direct control of the parameters in production, but through artificial qian fire detecting, judge the temperature of the reaction layer by drill color, and then saturated temperature indirectly controlled by adjusting the reaction temperature.

Oven temperature: that is the gas temperature.

Air flow: refers to the flow of air in the gas producer.

Pressure of the furnace: the gas is safe to run, the furnace must be stable under positive pressure.

Bottom pressure: the pressure of the gasifier to enter the material layer, which determines the resistance of the material layer. The pressure on the bottom of the furnace is high. Usually, the air flow changes, and the pressure on the bottom of the gas furnace and the pressure of the furnace are changing.

Reaction time: it may be considered the same material as the time of fire.

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