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The problem of attention when gas is transported by gas
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 The gas is transported by gas

Open the flue gate of the furnace and open the gas valve and the hot air valve. When the first ignition starts, open a burner.

Put the water in the water box that leads to the heating furnace to the drainage area, and fill the water in the sealing box of water that opens to the flue, which is the gas that is fed into the furnace.

When the gas comes out of the burner, set the burner to the burner to ignite the burner and set the burner on fire. If a fire is not made, the exhaust gas should be removed and the gas will be fired.

When the burner is on fire, start a fan and burn.

According to the process of heating furnace heating, adjust the gas quantity and air quantity, and make the temperature meet the process requirement.

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