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Gas and gas protection and maintenance operation
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The following are all gas risks:

(1) it is necessary to enter into the gas or gas pipeline which may have gas or to deepen gas, or to do the work in the gas pipeline;

(2) gas or gas pipe with gas or gas.

(3) on the gas or gas pipe, the device is on fire.

2, who are not familiar with protective masks to use them, without practice, not familiar with gas harmful to the fundamental and poisoning rescue common sense, and lack of sleep, drink wine or people with neuropathy banning gas operation risk.

The gas guard stopped the wearing shoes.

When working on a gas pipe road, use copper, such as applying steel, and applying glycerin or butter.

5, no one is allowed to enter the area before the protection personnel are able to check in the gas area. When dealing with the problem of human poisoning, we should save the people and deal with other problems.

6, monitoring gas equipment repair operations before, should prepare enough protective masks and fire fighting equipment, block the gas source, the detection equipment power supply, hang them.

In the case of gas hazard, the gas protection and the guardian shall stand in the safe area close to the operation, and may see the local area of the operator and shall not leave.

8, at work or a lot of gas into the gas equipment the pipe leakage issue processing, should be more than 4 people usually present (including protection personnel), in order to timely rotation, wear oxygen respirator is necessary job to job site for the risk area, within 40 meters banning open flames, all vehicles and irrelevant personnel from inside.

The spacing device of the gas equipment shall fit the following request:

(1) of coke oven gas producer gas, water gas (semi water gas) not use the interval of pipeline equipment with copper parts, cold areas should also adopt anti-freezing measures;

(2) it is necessary to be aware of the reliability of the interval equipment.

1) the insertion plate is a more reliable spacing device, but it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is set up and the clearance of the bottom area of the pipeline.

2) the water seal should be installed on other spacer devices. Together, we should be satisfied with the calculation pressure of gas and the effective height of 500mm.

The binocular valve and the quadrant valve should not be used independently and should be installed in the sealing butterfly valve or gate valve.

4) sealing butterfly valve is necessary with water seal, insert plate, and glasses valve.

Gate valves and disc valves cannot be used as a reliable spacing device;

The blind plate should be satisfied with strength, rigid request, double-sided lubrication, no sand hole, burr.

The fire on the gas and pipe shall be approved by the relevant departments and shall be blocked by the rules of article 9. The amount of carbon monoxide in the air around the fire should be less than 0.1%. The inside of the equipment pipeline should carry the organism. Fire and fire should be prepared for fire, and the fire brigade should be told when necessary. There is no gas, but no gas, no gas, no gas, no gas, no gas.

It is necessary to keep the positive pressure on the gas pressure in the pipe when the gas is on the pipe. Only electric welding is used when the fire is fired, and the gas welding and gas cutting are stopped. When the fire is moved away from the gas line and the equipment container, use the gas welding.

12, in the maintenance operation should be strictly handle before operation ticket, card, prevention measures to all do fine, demand for replacement of equipment, pipes, it is necessary to replace completely, and through inspection qualified rear can work, layer upon layer reviews.

Safety analysis should be carried out in the opening of the manhole, the necessary release valve should be closed, and it is necessary to make sure that the equipment and the container are under positive pressure.

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