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When the two parts gas producer is measured, the surface layer is under the surface of the surface layer which is sticky.
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Pin found below the surface layer have a sticky situation, when it has something to do with the use of coal, if use the larger coal caking, such as coal glial layer thickness is greater than 15 mm. When the coal is added to the furnace, the coal will soften and produce the gelatinous substance in the upper part of the drying layer and in the upper part of the dry distillation layer as the temperature reaches 400 degrees. In the analysis, the thickness of the colloid thickness is small, and the resulting colloidal material is small, and the rising heat is further decomposed or gasified, so it is not easy to bond. In the analysis, the thickness of the thick coal and the resulting colloidal substance are produced, so the coal in the fractionation layer is cemented into an impervious layer.

A target or prajnaparamita caking property of coal can be stirring rod on the surface of coal seam and the certain depth around do uniform agitation, make will loose bonding of coal, improve its permeability, but if too much glue layer thickness of the coal is used in measured mixing also cannot solve the problem, the coal doesn't fit with the gasification furnace.


In the case of the insertion of the drill, the oxidation reaction of this layer is stronger, the temperature of the fire is especially high, sometimes it is greater than 1300, and the solder is fused in the prescribed time.

The second is that the layer oxidation is stronger, the fire layer is below 1250 degrees, but the insertion is too long, causing the fuse to fuse.

At this time, the saturated temperature should be increased appropriately, reducing the temperature of the fire layer.

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