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Gas has the effect of all levels in the furnace
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Gas has the effect of all levels in the furnace

1) the ash layer is caused by the oxidation layer settling down, the temperature is higher, and when the air and water vapor are added to the heat exchange, the vaporization agent is preheated. As the slag layer is cooled by vaporizing agents, it can protect the grate. The ash is loose in the grate and can be uniformly distributed. 2) oxide role is to make the carbon and oxygen in the air for rapid chemical reaction, generate carbon dioxide, release a large amount of heat at the same time, more than for the layers of reaction heat. Oxidation layer equation: C + O2 to CO2 + heat; The reduction layer effect is the main fuel reduction layer equation in gas production: CO2 + CO. H2O + C - H2 + CO2; H2O + C - H2 + CO2; The function of the fractionation layer is to precipitate the volatilization of the coal and other dry distillates to make coal coke. The effect of the drying layer is to evaporate water from coal and prepare dry coal for the lower layer.

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