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Gas purification principle of gas producer
TIME:2017-6-14 11:07:06 | VIEW:

 Thick hot gas generated by the producer gas generator (temperature is 500 ~ 600 ℃) first into the double riser were hot washing circulating water cooling, parts of the gas dust with hot water from the eduction in a water seal at the bottom of the double riser, by double riser washing after cooling the gas temperature is about 80 ℃, again into the washing tower cooling and washing dust removal, the gas temperature cooled to 30 ~ 45 ℃, export of dust content in general is less than 50 mg/m3. The isolation of water seal and then went into esp dust collector for oil removing dust, tar in the gas and dust within total content of not more than 100 mg/m3, pressurized by the gas pressure machine to 8 to 15 kpa (also can be adjusted according to user's user), then through the desulfurization tower after remove sulfur, for users to use.

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