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A factor which cannot be used for the gas of two section gas
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Double section of producer gas generator, because this kind of furnace gas attack consists of gas in the upper and the lower section of the gas, so the name, it is a system engineering, which all the elements of two paragraphs furnace with the advantages of the system, such as for coal, gasification, purification, compression, environmental control and public facilities are inseparable, its technological process is based on the user to fuel is not the same request and quality request of overall planning.

The steam should be rare and profitable when the gas producer is normal. In the course of the operation, some of the stoves will not be steam or steam. The main factor was the error in operation, the burning in the furnace was too high, or the fire layer was too thin. There are more factors in the fire layer, and more than the fire, the slag and so on, the fire layer is not uniform, and no fixed burning layer is formed. There is no normal heat transfer in the water jacket, and there is not enough steam to supply it. The way to deal with it is still to deal with the burning floor problem fundamentally, to remove all the disadvantages and adjust the incineration layer. Normal burning furnace, gasification, votive, carbonization, preheating, natural gas attacks have enough steam supply, of course some planning defective gas furnace is another matter.

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