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Introduction to the soda system of the gas generator
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 Producer gas generator, QM type gas generator is for machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, refractory material and other professional hot working workshop provides a mixed furnace gas equipment

Water supply system

The water supply system of gas producer is often related to the method of water treatment, water treatment or oxygen removal. When water is returned to the water, the gas generator can only be given to a water tank

The backwater and the soft water (the supply water) flow to the water tank, and then the pump is sent to the gas producer. This system is called the primary water supply system.

When choosing their backwater, pan back to the water tanks are usually located in underground, such as use level of water supply system, still in the water temperature is high, because we can not ensure positive pressure pump suction one request, can make the attack vaporization of the water in the water pump, the pump is not water.

The large-capacity industrial boiler, in order to make sure the water pump has outstanding operating condition, reduce the floor area of the basement, the secondary water supply system which is used frequently. The backwater is sent to the water tank from the basement to the above ground, and the water is supplied to the gas producer by the pump.

Some gas producer is pressure backwater, or back to the water tank is set up on the floor above, but for the sake of habit deaerating system (such as when choosing or thermal deoxidization desorption oxygen) request, also often choose the secondary water supply system. When the producer gas generator with different pressure backwater, such as backwater for high voltage products, heating water for low pressure, often set on the high pressure water pipe expanding vessel, make water pressure drop, step-down water into water tank back. The second steam in the expanding container can also be used. This is a secondary water supply system with high pressure and low pressure.

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